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Its simple!

  1. 1.Download

  2. 2.Choose the Track

  3. 3.Select the Accessories

  4. 4.Save and email your order

Download our Pricelist HERE

Attached in the link above is an excel workbook with several worksheets which correspond to the various models of tracks and accessories we have. Select the track model and key in your requirement in the yellow boxes. We have input formulas in the excel worksheet which will help do all the calculation.

The prices reflected in the excel worksheet is only for budgeting purposes and is not to be used as an official quotation. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the price reflected in the excel worksheet. Please contact us for an official quotation. (You can e-mail us the excel worksheet after you have keyed in your requirements in the cells and we will send you an official quotation in return)

tumblr hit counter Eubiq is a revolutionary power outlet system that seemlessly integrates power, data and multimedia outlets into one aestheticly pleasing precision aluminium power and data track. With Eubiq you can add, remove and reposition any number and type of power outlets anywhere along the track. You can also integrate various data and multi-media connectors.