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Eubiq Premium Adaptor BS3

What is Eubiq?


Its simple!

  1. 1.Download

  2. 2.Choose the Track

  3. 3.Select the Accessories

  4. 4.Save and email your order

Download our Pricelist HERE

The prices reflected in the excel worksheet is only for budgeting purposes and is not to be used as an official quotation. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the price reflected in the excel worksheet. Please contact us for an official quotation. (You can e-mail us the excel worksheet after you have keyed in your requirements in the cells and we will send you an official quotation in return)

The conventional power outlet design is over a 100 years old.

Let us introduce to you a new and improved design that will revolutionise the way we see, touch and use our electrical power source.

Eubiq is a revolutionary power outlet system that seamlessly integrates power, data and multimedia outlets into one aesthetically pleasing precision aluminium power and data track.

Eubiq Cross Section - New Revolution


Add as outlets as you require; remove outlets when you don’t need them


Add and reposition outlets anywhere along the track

Integrating into a single power track

  1. Power

  2. Data

  3. Lighting

  4. Cable Management

  5. Accessories

Eubiq Track with Accessories - New Global Standard

A New Global Standard

Eubiq Multiple System - Scalable and Flexible

Scalable & Flexible

Ultra Safe GSS Technology

The GSS (Grounded Sentry Shutter) System is a patented safety feature found in all Power Tracks.

Making the track child safe.

Eubiq Safety - Ultra Safe GSS Technology

Ultra Safe Patented Technology

We were awarded numerous worldwide awards including the prestigious President’s Design Award Singapore.

Eubiq Awards

Award Winning Design

Our products are designed to meet all essential international safety standards. We comply to IEC standard, Singapore Standard (SS), India Standard (IS), British Standard (BS), Malaysia Standard (MS), SASO Standard etc, and have been approved for use in various countries like Singapore, Australia, Germany, Kuwait, India, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Japan and The Netherlands.

Eubiq Compliance

With eubiq, power points that can be added, removed or repositioned anytime and anywhere, by just a simple push and turn.

Eubiq Kitchen

Easy to Use

Solutions for Kitchens, Study Tables, TV Consoles, Meeting Tables & Board Rooms

Eubiq Kitchen 2

Application Examples

Eubiq Kitchen 3
Eubiq Study Room
Eubiq Study Room 2
Eubiq TV Console
Eubiq TV Console 2
Eubiq Meeting Table
Eubiq Meeting Table 2
Eubiq Board Room
Eubiq Board Room 2
Eubiq Step 1 2 3

A New Revolution In

Power Outlet Design

Worldwide Acceptance &

Safety Compliance

tumblr hit counter Eubiq is a revolutionary power outlet system that seemlessly integrates power, data and multimedia outlets into one aestheticly pleasing precision aluminium power and data track. With Eubiq you can add, remove and reposition any number and type of power outlets anywhere along the track. You can also integrate various data and multi-media connectors.