The Eubiq Power Outlet System

The Most Flexible Power Outlet System In The World

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Stylish, Innovative & Minimalistic

Made of Precision Aluminium and Stainless Steel each Eubiq track is both stylish and beautiful. It also features cutting edge technology with solutions to enhance your Home, Workspace & Office.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Very convenient and easy to use without messy overloaded power sockets. Power outlets can now be added, removed or repositioned anytime and anywhere, by just a simple push and turn. Able to incorporating both power & data into one track gives you the convenience unsurpassed by none.

Safe to Use

With our patented GSS (Grounded Sentry Shutter) Technology, power outlets are now even safer to use. Even for children and the elderly.

Certified and Widely Accepted

Made and developed in Singapore, all Eubiq products meet the highest safety and durability standards. We have also won numerous awards like the prestigious President’s Design Award, Singapore.

Value for Money

Every Eubiq track is made modular and scalable. Adding and removing power outlets, having them in the wrong places or just having not enough of them can be addressed with significantly lower cost than hiring an electrician.

Eubiq Work Desk

Eubiq - Redefining the Power Socket

Eubiq  ASL Power

ASL Power is the appointed distributor of all Eubiq Power Tracks and Accessories in Singapore.

At ASL we are at the forefront in helping you implement the revolutionary eubiq power outlet system to your facility, laboratory, office and home.

With a vast portfolio of over 800 different customers and with a long standing experience as distributor of Eubiq since its official product launch in 2007. We are confident that with our market experience and technical expertise we are able to give you the best advice in terms of function and cost.

Eubiq Power Track
Eubiq Premium Adaptor
Eubiq Compact Adaptor
Eubiq Data
Accessories & Power Tracks
Now you will be able to pick up Eubiq accessories and power tracks with just a click of the mouse. 

For the first 50 customers, we will be offering the BS2 British Compact Adaptor at a special price of $22. Please use cupon code: aslpower to redeem.
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tumblr hit counter Eubiq is a revolutionary power outlet system that seemlessly integrates power, data and multimedia outlets into one aestheticly pleasing precision aluminium power and data track. With Eubiq you can add, remove and reposition any number and type of power outlets anywhere along the track. You can also integrate various data and multi-media connectors.